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A review of a book half read

I picked up Shadowfall: Godslayer Chronicles Book 1 the other day and have just hit the halfway mark of reading it to and fro on the subways. If you are out there looking for a good book to read, might I suggest trying this first in a series? Yes, many of you may have already gotten to it…I know the second book Hinterland: Godslayer Chronicles Book 2 is already out, and will likely be my next purchase once this first one gets to the end.

Why is it good? Well, you’ve got an original world full of Shadowknights, rogue gods, a well-thought-out system of magic based on the humours (or fluids) of the more settled gods, and a great story full of intrigue, tormented heroes, and lots of raw emotion that drives the story onward and upward….or deeper into the mire of conflict, whichever way you want to look at it. I’ve the instinctive feeling that I will continue to love the story and whatever conclusion it comes to, but if I’m proven wrong, I’ll do a post to warn you off again. Fortunately I’m a fast reader, so if the ending is so bad it deserves a retraction, I could probably catch you before you swipe the debit card at the checkout counter.

It is very similar in style and feel to Elantris and Mistborn, two books by another favorite author of mine, Brandon Sanderson. I love to come across fantasy worlds that have been etched with great care and detail, as they serve to inspire my own imaginings and world-building efforts. So today’s little inspiration comes from the fact that reading other’s stories (especially the well-done ones, though poorly done ones do help show you what not to do) is a way to keep yourself motivated by either telling yourself “I could do that” or by saying “I hope I can be that good someday.” May we all reach our dreams.

I see that smile.

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