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Ruminations on Book Reviews – Another Author First

Ever since Enter the Janitor and Forge of Ashes got launched into the wild to survive by their lonesomes, I’ve had that little itch to discover what people think about them–and not just friends and family (who’ve been amazingly supportive of the launches) but total strangers who happen to get their hands on the books.

Now, one piece of author advice I’ve heard over the years is “don’t pay attention to the reviews.” Especially on Amazon. Don’t go down that maddening warren of feedback and opinion and let reviews, particularly bad ones, shift your belief in the value of your story or your writing.

I get that. I really do. And I know there will be people who love the books, who hate the books, and who couldn’t care less either way. There’ll be a spectrum of responses, but I’ll admit to being morbidly intrigued as to what those responses will be, good or bad. This will be my first time getting this kind of broad public response to my storytelling and, honestly, my curiosity is going to get the better of me for now. I know it will, so I’m going to let it run free for a bit and get it out of my system.

Delightfully, to kick this off, I’ve encountered several initial reviews, a couple for each book–and I honestly couldn’t ask for any better responses:

So I’m gonna enjoy another “author first” experience while it lasts. Eventually I may step back from the review side of things and just let the books take their course, but you can bet I’ll still love hearing back from readers and fans as they join in on the adventures.

Oh, and if you have read Enter the Janitor or Forge of Ashes, I would love to hear what you think. Reviews do help increase the visibility of books and let other readers discover them. Whether you’re on Goodreads, Amazon, or just want to shoot me an email, your review is valuable and helpful!

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