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Cry laughing

Let me give this blog a little focus. And by a little focus, I mean by telling a few (okay, a lot) of things I’d like this blog to eventually do, and therefore let folks know what to expect whenever you browse my way. I’m a bit of a trifecta, I suppose. That is to say, I both read voraciously, write as quick as I can squeeze the words out of my brain, and also work in publishing. Books are a narcotic for me, and I have spent more money on them than I likely have groceries or clothing. I am not ashamed of this, and I pray for the day when books are made from recycled corn and can be first figuratively and then literally devoured. My dream right now is to break into the “get published” realm, and from there on be paid massive amounts of money to make up stories. Or even a tiny amount of money (say, enough for food and groceries) will do just fine.
Therefore, yes, you may have noticed a lot of my posts have to do with writing or the literary world in some way. I love talking about it as much as the guy with a 20-sided die itches to pull out his character sheet and parade it around like a prize-winning poodle.

My hope is that once this blog and connecting website start to flap their wings and hop off the ground, that it will be both a place to share my writing as well as that of other authors who I love to read, talk about the writing process in all its gory glory, and hack out plots, characters, whether it’s “science fiction” or “sci-fi,” and all the wonderful debates, arguments, and verbal mud-wrestling matches that come in between. This is my focus, and I hope others can peer through the same ink-colored lenses as I do and join me in the fun.

Whew. That being said, tomorrow’s blog will likely be something on Halloween. I wonder why.

But to counteract that, here is me sharing a book I just finished reading and absolutely enjoyed. Ever heard of Terry Pratchett? You have? Awesome. Oh wait, that person hiding in the corner hasn’t.

Terry Pratchett lives in England. That’s usually all the little flap bio tells you from his books. He is by far one of the comic geniuses of our times. His satire is sharper than a very sharp thing. His parody, while ridiculous, makes you start looking at people you work and live with in very different ways. His sense of humor cannot be mapped, as he likes to say. I just finished reading Thud!, ( one of his recent novels set in Discworld (which is a flat world sitting on the back of elephants riding a giant turtle through space). Once again, as with pretty much every one of his books, it had me laughing so hard I cried.

Read him. Laugh. Repeat.
That’s all there is to it. Oh, and while you’re at it, check out this collaborative effort between him and Mr. Neil Gaiman, yet another favorite author of mine:

There you have it. Some reading recommendations for today in case you are running low on your own eye-munchies. I welcome anyone to share their recent reads for other’s enjoyment. I look forward to it.

I see that smile.

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