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Emotional investment

For starters, a couple new links on the writer resources page.

And just to grab your attention:

(see the whole process of how this shoe was made here:

Not much to say except that I’d wear ’em just to see how many people noticed.

On the writing thoughts for today–
I have been zipping through a couple of the climactic scenes for my most recent story, and I’m happy with where it’s going and how it looks like it will end on a strong note. But I’m also happy for the fact that when I write the scenes I actually get anxious and excited. I find myself bouncing in my chair, grinning like a fool and having to get up and pace every so often. Now, have you ever finished a scene or a chapter and then sat back and went, “Thank God I’m done with that boring, cruddy scene and can get on to the fun stuff.”? Well, I know I have. And then during revision time I, without fail, find it needs a major spruce-up or cut it entirely. If what you’re writing is boring you just to put down on paper, how do you think it’s going to affect the person who’s supposed to eventually read it? I believe that to get an emotional reaction from the reader, we must invest emotion into the writing process, and a decent gauge for whether we are doing this is how we are reacting to what is flowing from the fingertips. So, yes, that is why it makes me glad that I have actually gotten jittery and smiled a lot, as a lot of action is suddenly happening and the villains are getting (and giving) their due.

I see that smile.

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