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For writers, night owls and narcoleptics everywhere

Got a deadline you need to meet? Wanting to indulge your night owl self and stay up writing all night, but have to go to work in the morning? Thank God for scientific advancements that may soon unshackle us from the bondage of sleep routine.

Read about it here

Someone better start designing the twelve-step addict program now, because this medication, once it hits over-the-counter is going to become the next pill-popping epidemic. Is it bad to admit that I’ll probably be investing stock and will be the first in line? Nighttime just seems the best time for me to work. The day’s work is done and there are so few distractions. What would you do with a few solid day’s of consciousness?

And hey, this could be the very thing to free us from the tyranny of Starbucks.

I see that smile.

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