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I have no lobster and I must scream

What is the first book that opened you up to the world of books? Can you hark back to yon years of childhood and remember when you first flipped to the last page and sat back thinking, I’ve gotta get some more o’ these book thingies?

I’ve been trying to remember. Most of them time I come up with The Hobbit, or the Chronicles of Narnia. I’m pretty sure it was one of those books, or series that introduced me…and even if those weren’t the specific ones, I know those are what ushered me into the wonderful realm of fantasy and science fiction, forever securing my devotion to flights of imagination.

I’ve read a lot since those first books dazzled my eyes. Mostly good. The occasional stinkbomb. Some masterpieces. I remember my mom’s befuddlement when I first started leafing through a tome titled The Lobster: Its Life Cycle. Yup. Complete with illustrations. I think I was eight.

Another fun note. A few posts back I mentioned Harlan Ellison (This Post), a grandmaster of science fiction. As I rummaged through the bowels of Amazon earlier looking for the lobster book of my childhood, I came across this little known gem—a computer game based on one of Ellison’s stories: I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream

Now, if that’s not a collector’s item, what is? It also works well with what I was saying earlier that even games can transcend being “just a game” if it has a solid story behind it. Pretty interesting that such an old game is still being sold, and at a price comparable to what any brand new game comes out at today. But I suppose it’d be worth it. Maybe with my next paycheck…

I see that smile.

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