Hello, all. Josh here, writer of fantasy and science fiction. This is my website, and welcome to it. There are plenty of links for your perusal and enjoyment, whether as fellow writers looking for advice and inspiration in the writing craft, or just general entertainment and net-coolness to bide your time. Drop by the blog, follow me on Twitter, and also visit my page on Examiner.com, where I cover Speculative Fiction news, author interviews and book reviews.


6/17/2011- Sold a flash fiction piece, "Counting Up to Counting Down," to 10Flash! It'll be in their July 2011 issue.

2/25/2011- Check out Write-Strong.com: A Home for Writers Pursuing Success. This is my ongoing compilation of writing resources and tools, something of a spinoff project from the Fiction Writer's Virtual Toolbox (but will probably end up being much larger).

12/14/2010- My agent has notified me that my urban fantasy, Enter the Janitor, has been sent out to a first round of publishers. Updates to come, as I hear them.




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