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Music to write by is an awesome music resource that my only problem with is that it relies on an internet connection. So when I tally-ho from the apartment, I can’t take it with me. Still, it is a great way to tailor your musical tastes to whatever writing mood you are in.

If you think about it, music is basically audible energy. It can effect the thoughts and emotions, just like a wave (sound wave, get it?) hits the sand and can shape it. Moods affect thoughts. Emotions and imagination mingle so well…one could say they almost drive each other. So what better way to stir up the mix than music? I love some easy jazz or ambient tunes in the background when I’m on a writing roll. It can also be nice to jumpstart the thoughts by putting on some bouncier tunes, or maybe some more dramatic, inspirational soundtracks. With Pandora, I can tailor each “station” to my moods and never have to worry about shuffling CD’s. Give it a try.

I see that smile.

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