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Josh Vogt - Fantasy Author & Freelancer Posts

Emotional investment

For starters, a couple new links on the writer resources page. And just to grab your attention: (see the whole process of how this shoe was made here: Not much to say except that I’d wear ’em just to see how many people noticed. On the writing thoughts for today–I…

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Website update

Just a quick piece tonight to let you know of a few additions to the website. I’ve updated the Links section and the Writer Resources section to include a decent list of sites worth visiting, both just for fun, for readers looking for a new author to try out, and…

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The eyegrease phenomenon

I was reading through the blog of U.K. author Kit Whitfield ( whose debut book Benighted recently was released in the U.S. Benighted is the story of a woman who lives in a world similar to ours…except in her world, the majority of the human population is lycanthropic. Werewolves. The…

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The call of the cliche

I’m jittering like someone on their twentieth straight shot of espresso. I wonder if I eat this mini Snickers bar whether my heart will stop. Nope, still alive. But now I’m hearing maniacal laughter and I’m about 45% certain it’s not coming from me. Ok. It’s Halloween. The weird thing…

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