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On raindrops and swordfighting

It’s one of those blustery days here, where it feels like the wind wants to pick you up and dance with you. That or give everyone the bed-head look. The sun winked at us for about five minutes this afternoon, but now clouds and raindrops are sweeping up the sidewalks. So while I am sitting in my apartment, enjoying the fresh breeze whisking through my window, I came across a topic near and dear to all of our hearts:

Swords! And not just those swords you see at Ren fairs or cons with blades as wide as a sumo wrestler and that can only be wielded by characters in computer games, but this website has some of the most historically accurate info on swords, how they are used, and how one can train to use them.

That link is direct to the essay section of the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts, which holds many esoteric ponderings such as “What did historical swords really weigh?” or “The myth of edge-on-edge parrying” and even “The use of kicks in swordfighting.”

Pretty indepth material, especially for any of us who like to include action scenes in our writing. It helps get rid of some of those nasty myths and errors that one reads in fantasy books where you think to yourself…”There’s no way he could’ve just killed twenty men with that toothpick.”

Aha. But it’s a magic toothpick, dontcha know?

Many hours of reading and research on that site, and they may just have a branch of their organization near you. Enjoy the wonderful world of the blade.

I see that smile.

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