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The write spot

I’ve come to realize there are several elements in my apartment that drive me to distraction and detract from my attempts to write. The first is the internet. If I have something I need to get done, a story draft, whatever…sometimes it’s so bad I literally have to unplug my cable cord and make myself leave it out until at least an hour or two have gone by. This cuts out email, chat, surfing, and all that other “stuff” that can keep us mindlessly entertained for hours.

And since home is where all the familiar things are, it’s easy to move from one to another. Amazing isn’t it how we try to avoid chores most of our lives, yet we look up and realize the latest novel chapter is languishing on the hard drive while we are cleaning the grout in the shower? Gah. And after that, maybe the gym, or cook dinner, or flick through the news, and then maybe a walk for some fresh air.

So here’s the two-pronged question for you all who pick up the pen (or the keyboard). 1. What are those things in your environment that you just have to shove aside before you can focus? and 2. Where is your “write” spot? What is the best place you know that just puts you in a writing mood?

For me, there isn’t a specific spot outside of my apartment. All I know is it helps for me to actually go somewhere for a couple hours with the mindset of “This time is for writing and writing alone” and then when I come back home, all of a sudden shower grout doesn’t look so attractive does it? It can be a lonely corner among the shelves of Barnes and Noble, a little cafe I come across, maybe even a park bench if the weather is nice enough. Lunch time during work hours is also excellent, because I’m just there, eating, and ideas have been brewing and bubbling up in my mind’s stew.

I see that smile.

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