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Website update

Just a quick piece tonight to let you know of a few additions to the website. I’ve updated the Links section and the Writer Resources section to include a decent list of sites worth visiting, both just for fun, for readers looking for a new author to try out, and to writers who want to refine their craft all the more. For now, I also have a sample chapter under the Books section for my story, When the Six Bards Sing. I plan to get a short story or two and a poem up soon for your perusing pleasure, so come back soon!

Oh, and I did come across this site today that I thought a fun browse.

It is a database of all the “creature” news going on in the world today, handling everything from the Sasquatch, to Nessie, to the latest new species being discovered by the scientific community. All the mysterious cryptids that may or may not exist. Maybe a few stories waiting to be inspired as you browse through the weird animals, urban legends, and those articles that border between myth and scientific observation.

I see that smile.

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