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What’s your writing schedule?

This week was a killer. My department is finishing up all sorts of deadlines, which means my boss drops by every 30 seconds to drop off another ream of paper for me to scour for the errant or missing comma. It’s amazing how many people can go over a piece of copy and still miss the most obvious error. Ah, well. The constant flow of work makes the day go by quickly. Now for the weekend and the copious amounts of sleeping in and other lazy endeavors.

I often wonder if I should regulate my writing times better. I know there are some authors such as Dean Koontz ( who actually have a writing “work week.” In otherwords, he writes during work hours, eight hours a day, Monday through Friday, and then takes weekends off. Others, like Neil Gaiman ( are amazed at people who work like this, and prefer to do sporadic bursts of insane days where they do nothing but eat, sleep, and write, with the first two activities being the red shirts of the expedition.

For me, I find it lies somewhere in between. I shoot for specific times during the day, such as lunchtime, or a couple hours in the evening in between dinner and bed. Normally I hit these time slots and find them productive. Other times, however, I know I won’t get anything done during those times and have to carve out some weird hours to make it happen. I guess that’s how a lot of my writing process happens…It’s kind of like coloring within the lines, but refusing to use the color-by-numbers scheme. Instead, forget you 3=blue. I’m making 3 the new yellow. Oh, I’m a rebel!

And speaking of Dean Koontz, if you didn’t notice me mention him earlier. Check out his revamped website! In case you are too tuckered out from a busy work week to scroll back up, here it is again:

He has got to have one of the coolest author sites out there, complete with a webcam interface with Odd Thomas, a character from one of his most popular book series. Pretty incredible. You can spend hours just browsing through all the stuff he has on his site. Enjoy.

I see that smile.

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