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Where are the priorities, people?

It truly saddens me when I picked up the edition of the New York Post this morning and saw the two front page headlines. Now, the second headline, tucked into a nice box on the lower right, spoke of the Democrats regaining the House majority. For those of you who have yet to see this paper, can you guess what took the top headline with rather bold colors and…er…graphics?

Yes. That’s right. Ladies and gentlemen…the top story of the day: Britney Spears is getting divorced! (


Okay. Are we so tired of the political campaigns and smear ads that this is the kind of story we are touting as headline material? C’mon. That’s pathetic.
Heh, and you probably thought this was going to be a political rant, didn’t you?

In more interesting news (maybe someone should’ve picked this as the headline) I met John Connolly last night and found him to be quite the charming fellow, and incredibly friendly to boot. The Black Orchid Bookstore ( is a tiny two-story shop that specializes in thrillers, suspense, mystery and other such darkling books written by authors who have likely received bouquets of black orchids from giddy fan-readers. The evening was laced with wine, a crowd of about fifteen folks including myself, and of course many books being signed and lots of awesome questions and conversation about…what else? Books! Lots of fun, all around.

All right. I’m off to do some writing of my own. Wish me luck.

I see that smile.

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  1. Stellaluna
    Stellaluna November 10, 2006

    Hi Josh, We met at the John Connolly thing. You failed to tell me you were a writer! Great website by the way. Melissa

  2. Josh
    Josh November 10, 2006

    Hey, Melissa, glad you came by the site. Yea, you caught me. I thought you were in on the conversation at the point where I mentioned it and John gave some very gracious and encouraging advice to a fledgling writer. Ah, well.

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