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A still surface with deep, fast currents…

Been a bit, eh? While the blog may have remained a bit placid, I can assure you there’s been plenty of activity underlying the surface. What’s been happening, you wonder? Oh, this and that…

(items listed here in no particular order)

  • I’ve had a few guest blog posts on SFSignal and A Dribble of Ink.
  • Got an epic fantasy story passed up to editorial for Angry Robot Book‘s Open Door submission. Waiting for the final word with dizzying levels of jitters and daily panic attacks.
  • A new urban fantasy novel has reached first draft status.
  • Freelancing continues in high gear, and I have not regretted a moment of it.
  • Ran a Spartan Dash 5k race and loved it.
  • Celebrated my marriage’s 5th anniversary!
  • Traveled to Hawaii and Seattle (where my wife ran her second marathon)
  • Saw my second sister get married in as many years.
  • Got locked in for Chicon/Worldcon for the end of August.
  • Started training for a half marathon at the end of September.
  • Have begun dabbling in screenplays–though it’ll likely be a bit before my first one sees significant progress. 
  • Watched the Colorado Springs fires burn and prayed my family would still have a home after it was all over. They did, thank God, though recovery for the town will be years in the making.
…and I’m sure there are a few other things that I’ve forgotten to mention.
Whew. And the summer still has a bit to go. 
What’s been happening with you all? Will I see anyone at Chicon? 

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One Comment

  1. Elissa M
    Elissa M July 25, 2012

    Hey Josh!

    Nice to see an update. 🙂 No cons for me (no funds to spare) but I hope you have a great time.

    I told you before that Angry Robots would be insane to pass on the novel you sent them, but even if they do, I know it's only a matter of time before a publisher recognizes your genius.

    Fingers crossed!

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