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The Fiction Writers’ Toolbox

140+ links to tools and resources for writers in all phases of their careers. Not all of these will work for you; not all of them worked for me. But many have proved invaluable in my writing adventures thus far, and I wanted to share what I’ve discovered along the way so you might gather your own set of tools and techniques to help you grow and succeed as a writer. These links will lead you to numerous author and writing websites, many of which I owe a huge debt of gratitude for what they’ve taught me. Some advice found here will contradict other bits, and if you try to use every trick and tool at once, you’re likely to end up with a mess. That’s because every writer–including you–is different and must forge a unique career. So experiment. Fiddle. Tinker. Find what fits comfortably in your hand and mind, what gets the job done, and then see what you can make with it all.

Click on the TOC below to jump to a particular topic, or browse the Toolbox as a whole.

 The Craft

  1. Writing Basics
  2. Novel Planning and Overview
  3. Plot
  4. Worldbuilding
  5. Characters
  6. Scenes
  7. Pacing
  8. Tension
  9. Dialogue
  10. Voice
  11. Writing Inspiration & Motivation
  12. Revision
The Business

  1. Career
  2. Agents
  3. Queries
  4. Synopses
  5. Writing Conferences & SpecFic Conventions
  6. Short fiction markets
  7. Publishers
  8. Legal
  9. Technology
  10. Marketing
  11. Scams
1. Writing Basics


2. Novel Planning and Overview


3. Plot


4. Worldbuilding


5. Characters


6. Scenes


7. Pacing


8. Tension


9. Dialogue


10. Voice


11. Writing Inspiration & Motivation


12. Revision

1. Career Development


2. Agents


3. Queries


4. Synopses


5. Writing Conferences & SpecFic Conventions


6. Short fiction markets


7. Publishers


8. Legal


9. Technology


10. Marketing


11. Scams











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