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Giving writers advice and insights on how to stay physically active, take care of their bodies in a generally sedentary career, eat well, and adopt an overall healthier approach to life that can enhance the writing process as well!

Disclaimer: While I am a certified personal trainer (a personal passion and area of study), I’m not a doctor or dietitian. I am primarily a writer who enjoys being physically and mentally active and wants to help other writers realistically pursue overall fitness. While it contains advice, tips, and strategies, this series isn’t a prescription or a personalized diet/workout plan. If you have questions about how certain exercises or eating protocols might impact your health, consult your doctor.

Current & Upcoming Posts:

1. Welcome to Write Strong: A Guide to Fitness & Health for Writers

2. Write Strong: A Personal Journey

3. It’s Just Worth It – Benefits of Being a Physically Active Writer

4. What’s Holding You Back? – Fitness Obstacles for Writers

5. Plotting Your Fitness Story – What’s in a Plan?

6. Ass-in-Chair Alternatives – Get Up & Get Moving!

7. Write Strong Guest Post: A Good Day to Die

8. Make it Work – Office-Style Workout Options

9. Write Strong Guest Post: “November 2008 my own body tried to kill me.”

10. Get Cozy – The Ergonomic Essentials

11. Steady On Now… – The Necessity of Consistency

12. Daily Habits – Shake Up the Routine

13. Write Strong Guest Post: Running Your Writing Through

14. Food for Thought – Approaches to Eating & Nutrition

15. Write Strong Guest Post: Food and Movement for Your Mind

16. In & Out – Casual Approaches to Calories

17. I Will Do Science to It – Macronutrients and You

18. Macro Variables – How Much of What and Why?

19. Write Strong Guest Post: Hikes on the Edge of Nowhere

20. The Calorie Cutting Dilemma

21. Write Strong Guest Post: “I Never Would’ve Guessed…”

22. Accountability – Who’s Keeping Track?

23. Do No Harm – Working Through Injury Setbacks

24. To Thyself be True – i.e. YMMV

25. Write Strong Guest Post: “You Can’t Keep Me Inside”

26. 5 Top Fitness Apps – Your Digital Helpers

27. Write Strong Guest Post: The Walking-Writing Feedback Loop

28. My Fitness and Eating Protocols

29. Rest & Rewards – Give Yourself a Break!

30. Online Fitness & Health Resources

31. Write Strong Guest Post: Playing Your Way to Fitness – Wii Do It!

32. Cons, Conferences, and Tours: Staying Active On-the-Go

33. Dance Like Nobody but the NSA is Watching – Workout Music!

34. An Extra Edge? – The Real Deal with Supplements

35. Write Strong Guest Post: You Are What You Eat

36. One Size Doesn’t Fit You Forever – Adjusting Your Fitness Parameters & Goals

37. Muscle Through It – An Argument for Strength Training

38. Pick Your Poison – Alcohol, Fitness, and the Writer

39. Write Strong Guest Post: Fantastically Fit

40. These Boots were Made for Talking – Writing via Dictation

41. Bestsellers and Bodybuilders – The Pitfalls of Comparison

42. Mind Over Matter – Your Mental Health

43. Them’s the Splits – Flexibility & Stretching Yourself

44. Catch a Few Winks, Lose a Few Pounds – The Importance of Sleep

45. Write Strong Guest Post: Navigating Cons in a Healthy Way

46. Here We Go Again – Recognizing Health & Fitness Cycles

47. Fantastical Failure – Learning and Growing Despite and Because of It

48. Write Strong: The Never-Ending Story…

…the series has officially ended (for now), but feel free to contact me if you ever want to contribute a guest post!

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