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My freelance work has expanded to include a number of RPG developers and publishers. Alongside building my own worlds, characters, and systems of magic, I love delving into other fledgling or established game platforms (especially being a lifelong gamer myself). Detailing quests and game modules, fleshing out heroes and monsters, bringing a particular setting to life, or brainstorming new magic and technology elements–it’s all one big adventure for me!

Here’s an overview of the RPG companies I have worked or currently am working with:


Pathfinder Tales: “The Weeping Blade” – August 2013

Pathfinder Tales: “Hunter’s Folly” – February 2014

Pathfinder Tales Novel: Forge of Ashes – April 2015

Pathfinder Tales: “The Price Paid” – May 2015

“Cowards and Crows” – Hell’s Rebels & Hell’s Vengeance Adventure Path

In-House & Contract Editor/Writer

Privateer Press

Iron Kingdoms Excursions: “Liberator” – November 2015

Iron Kingdoms Excursions: “Honor in Death” – November 2015

Catalyst Game Labs

Shadowrun Anthology – Drawing Destiny: “If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Run” – July 2016

Gun Metal Games

Interface Zero 2.0: “Chicago, Life in 2090, Zeeks in 2090” Core Book Chapters – November 2013

IZ2: “Extraction with Extreme Prejudice” Adventure Module – June 2014

IZ2: “Japan – Empire of the Setting Sun” Sourcebook – April 2015

IZ2: “NYC: Reclamation” Sourcebook – June 2016

Gun Metal Games & Modiphius

Interface 19.40: Achtung! Cthulhu & Interface Zero 2.0 Crossover Manual – Completed, October 2014

Green Ronin

Modern AGE – Editor


Mutant Chronicles: Core Book Faction Chapter – September 2014

Capitol Faction Sourcebook – October 2014

“In the Flesh” – Dark Tales Anthology short story – 2015

Infinity – ALEPH Faction – TK 2016

Crafty Games

Nobles: The Golden Mandate

Skaa: Tin & Ash – Supplemental Material

Alloy of Law 2 – Chapters & Adventures

Allow of Law: Masks of the Past – Supplemental Material

Third Eye Games

“Divine Instruments: Outsiders” Part-Time Gods Supplement – January 2014

Avalon Games

Monster Hunters Core Books – January 2014

Iron Crown

“Escort Duty” Adventure Module, Cyradon – 2014

Level 99 Games

“Lost Causes”: Power Play Supplemental Scenario – October 2013

Raging Swan Press

Dungeon Dressing: Chest Contents, September 2013

Urban Dressing: The Watch – October 2013

Urban Dressing: Thieves – November 2013

Urban Backdrop: Pirate Town – March 2014

Wilderness Backdrop: Conflicted Borders – February 2014

Urban Dressing: Borderland Town – July 2014

Urban Dressing: Mining Town – August 2014

Urban Dressing: Decadent Town – October 2014

Urban Dressing: Plague Town – November 2014

Urban Dressing: Slum Town – December 2015

Urban Dressing: Port Town – January 2015

Urban Dressing: War-Torn Town – February 2015

Urban Dressing: Dwarven Town – March 2015

Urban Dressing: Elven Town – April 2015

Urban Dressing: Trade Town – June 2015

I Loot the Body – August 2015

Urban Dressing: Lumber Town – October 2015

Urban Dressing: Desert Town – December 2015

Urban Dressing: Bridge Town – January 2016

Places of Power: Soulspur Inn

Composite Game Studios

“The Mistress and the Hound” Short Story – January 2014

“The Chained Blade” Short Story – February 2014

“Sins of the Father” Novella

Alterkine: Dossier

“The Ones We Were” Adventure Module – June 2014

Rebel Minis: Dark Hold Goblins

“Who Wants to be an Adventurer?” Module & Fiction

Watchtower Games: Fallen

Story Cards

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