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Fortune’s Fool

Book Cover: Fortune's Fool
Part of the Abnorm Chronicles series:

Waking up chained to a poker table in the middle of a warehouse, abnorm Ryan Emerson finds himself in the company of nine other unwilling players—all of them abducted twists with unique talents. Forced into a deadly game of Texas Hold ‘Em, Ryan must use all his wits to survive as many hands as possible; the instant his last chip is lost, so is his life. Yet what could their self-proclaimed genius of a captor possibly gain from such an insane setup?

At the same time, Agent Nick Cooper is investigating a possible kidnapping at the behest of an old acquaintance. What first appears to be an act of corporate espionage quickly takes a darker turn, plunging Agent Cooper into a race to halt a global security threat before more innocent lives are lost.

Yet even as both men edge closer to the truth, a much larger game is being played than they’d ever imagine...

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