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Fate’s Fangs

Book Cover: Fate's Fangs
Part of the HC SVNT DRACONES series:

In Sol, the opportunities are limitless. There are fortunes to be made, legends to be forged, beautiful people and places, and endless pleasures to be indulged, whether virtual or in meatspace. At least, that's what the vids say. The vids say a lot of things, really. Nadia had long since stopped listening. Being a genetic mishap in a world of engineered perfection means “opportunity” involves selling her body to fill someone else's pockets, and selling her genome to the Reveidolon corp to supplement her otherwise meager credit cache. A stable existence, perhaps--she no longer scrounges for scraps on the streets, at least--but life in her hometown of Sacroden has become one stagnant trudge from day to day. Certainly devoid of any so-called opportunities.

Yet when an influential client has a heart attack and dies right in front of her, she's put square in the bullseye of some of Sacroden's most powerful factions--ones who'll go to any length to protect their secrets and investments. Alone and stripped of any resources or safety net, Nadia is forced to start making opportunities for herself she never would've thought possible. They may not be “golden,” but if she can make them work, there's a brand new life waiting for her on the other side. If not, well...there won't be any life left for her at all.

Josh Vogt takes on the first novel for the HC SVNT DRACONES tabletop roleplaying universe and brings to life a post-human solar system populated by one of the last great human experiments, who have gone on to form their own lives, moral guidelines and social practices in the absence of their creators.

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