Forge of Ashes – May 2015 from Paizo’s Pathfinder Tales

My debut fantasy novel is a sword and sorcery tie-in to the Pathfinder world of Golarion!

A decade ago, the dwarf warrior Akina left her home in the Five Kings Mountains to fight in the Goblinblood Wars. Now, at long last, she’s returning home, accompanied by Ondorum, a silent companion of living stone. But once you’ve traveled the world, can pastoral pastimes and small-town suitors ever be truly satisfying? Adding to Akina’s growing discomfort is the fact that her mother has disappeared into the endless caverns beneath the city. In an effort to save her, Akina and Ondorum must venture below the surface themselves—and into a danger greater than they could ever have imagined.



Enter the Janitor - CoverThe Cleaners Series

The first two books in my urban fantasy series have been contracted! Here are the details so far…

Enter the Janitor – May 2015 from WordFire Press

A janitor working for a supernatural sanitation company must track down a fledgling demigod before it’s corrupted or destroyed, all while training a rebellious new employee whose fluctuating power could trash an entire city.

 Download and read the first four chapters for free!

The Maids of Wrath – TK 2016 from WordFire Press

Official summary TK.


Here are a few quick summaries of other finished manuscripts:

  • BloodshadesEpic Fantasy, Complete

When a kingdom’s harmless system of shadow magic inexplicably turns deadly, a ceremonial warrior, a theater apprentice, and a prostitute become unlikely linchpins of hope for their people’s survival.

  • ParasomniaUrban Fantasy, Complete

Jeremy Ivens is a ruthless agent of The Woken, a society of permanent insomniacs who patrol the boundary between the waking and dreaming realms. Then he discovers his sister has been ensnared in the machinations of a dream-smuggling cult, and he may already be too late to save her.

  • The UnfamiliarsUrban Fantasy, Complete

As a scorpion-demon familiar in the guise of a young woman, Jancy serves one of the most powerful magicians in the modern world–monitoring New York City’s museums and auction houses for lost relics that fuel her master’s spells. However, her loyalty is undermined when she encounters a sect of rogue familiars determined to free her from enslavement. But this might unleash Jancy’s demonic nature, a destructive force bent on death and pain that her master has suppressed for centuries. Is her free will really worth the price?