I’m currently working with my literary agent and corresponding with a couple editors in pursuit of that debut novel contract…and I’ll be sure to update as soon as I can when that occurs! In the meantime, here are quick summaries of my most current manuscripts to whet your appetite until they’re on the shelves:

  • Enter the JanitorUrban Fantasy, Complete

A janitor working for a supernatural sanitation company must track down a fledgling demigod before it’s corrupted or destroyed, all while training a rebellious new employee whose fluctuating power could trash an entire city.

  • BloodshadesEpic Fantasy, Complete

When a kingdom’s harmless system of shadow magic inexplicably turns deadly, a ceremonial warrior, a theater apprentice, and a prostitute become unlikely linchpins of hope for their people’s survival.

  • ParasomniaUrban Fantasy, Complete

Jeremy Ivens is a ruthless agent of The Woken, a society of permanent insomniacs who patrol the boundary between the waking and dreaming realms. Then he discovers his sister has been ensnared in the machinations of a dream-smuggling cult, and he may already be too late to save her.

  • The UnfamiliarsUrban Fantasy, Complete

Jancy, a scorpion demon, is a loyal familiar to one of the most powerful magical practitioners in the world…until she encounters a band of rogue familiars determined to free their kind from slavery at any cost.

  • ShatterspellEpic Fantasy, Work-in-Progress

A squad of elite magician-killers are hired to neutralize an impossibly powerful mage before he assumes total control of the kingdom and reshapes the very minds and souls of the people into his own image.