Enter the Janitor – Cover Art Sneak Peek! [VIDEO]

When artist Jeff Herndon sent me this for final stages approval, I couldn’t stop grinning all day. Check it out!

Anomalycon 2015 – A Video and My Panel Schedule

For those of you who can make it, here’s my panel schedule for Anomalycon 2015! Friday 6PM: So Charming, Not Creepy – Join our gentlemen (and ladies) of class in discussing how to approach people and be friendly (or even strike up a romance) without being that creep. A lesson on […]

SF Signal Podcast Interviewed Me on Freelancing, the Writing Lifestyle, & More!

I’ve enjoyed being on the SF Signal Podcast a handful of times over the years, and it’s always a fun experience. The host, Patrick Hester, does an excellent job of talking on a wide range of genre topics, as well as bringing in authors and speculative fiction notables from all […]

Planet Comicon Panel: Perfect Prose – Novels Across Genres

Another excellent Planet Comicon panel: Perfect Prose – Novels Across Genres. This panel included authors Ellie Ann, Dan Willis, Josh Vogt, Alex Grecian, and Ande Parks, moderated by Jason Arnett.

Planet Comicon Panel – Writing Existing Worlds

Miss the Planet Comicon Writing for Existing Worlds panel? A good bit of it is here!