Blog Hop: How/Why I Write and 3 Writers You Should Check Out!

Looks like I’ve been drawn into a chain of blogging madness via Howard Jones, who tagged me in his own blog hopping post. So either I put up a post of my own, answering questions about My Writing Process and send the challenge onward or be forever held prisoner by my […]

Write Strong Guest Post: “You Can’t Keep Me Inside”

by KC Shaw I first realized how much physical activity helps my writing in 2008, when I participated in the 3-Day Novel Contest. The contest runs every year over Labor Day weekend. Participants write a short novel in three days. By Saturday afternoon I’d written over 10,000 words and my brain felt like mush. I’d […]

To Thyself Be True – i.e. YMMV

“Your mileage may vary.” I’ve heard that phrase used a lot over the past few years as a writer. There are a lot of writing rules, strategies, and techniques talked about at conferences and conventions. A lot of “thou shalts” and “thou shalt nots” on everything from writing prologues to […]

The Joy of GenCon – A 2014 Wrap-Up

I know Dragoncon is coming up and GenCon is so “last weekend” but I had a fantastic time and so wanted to scribe a few memories on the immortal tablet of knowledge that is my blog page, which I’m sure will be dug up by posthuman archaeologists and preserved in […]

Do No Harm – Working Through Injury Setbacks

Writers face rejection and setbacks on an almost daily basis. We can’t control rejection. We can’t control a lot of circumstances that affect how our work is received. The only things we can do is persist. We don’t persist in ignorance though! No, we keep trying to be better writers […]