5 Top Fitness Apps – Your Digital Helpers

Apps! I know plenty of writers who enhance their craft with the help of various apps. I’m one of them. I’ve got apps for cutting myself off social networks when I need to be productive. An app that’s a virtual egg timer to get into a writing groove. Thesaurus apps. […]

Blog Hop: How/Why I Write and 3 Writers You Should Check Out!

Looks like I’ve been drawn into a chain of blogging madness via Howard Jones, who tagged me in his own blog hopping post. So either I put up a post of my own, answering questions about My Writing Process and send the challenge onward or be forever held prisoner by my […]

Write Strong Guest Post: “You Can’t Keep Me Inside”

by KC Shaw I first realized how much physical activity helps my writing in 2008, when I participated in the 3-Day Novel Contest. The contest runs every year over Labor Day weekend. Participants write a short novel in three days. By Saturday afternoon I’d written over 10,000 words and my brain felt like mush. I’d […]

To Thyself Be True – i.e. YMMV

“Your mileage may vary.” I’ve heard that phrase used a lot over the past few years as a writer. There are a lot of writing rules, strategies, and techniques talked about at conferences and conventions. A lot of “thou shalts” and “thou shalt nots” on everything from writing prologues to […]

The Joy of GenCon – A 2014 Wrap-Up

I know Dragoncon is coming up and GenCon is so “last weekend” but I had a fantastic time and so wanted to scribe a few memories on the immortal tablet of knowledge that is my blog page, which I’m sure will be dug up by posthuman archaeologists and preserved in […]