Write Strong Guest Post: You Are What You Eat

by Catherine Schaff-Stump I am a Weight Watcher. I have been a Weight Watcher for years, having reached my goal weight about three times. Why have I gained weight back? Well, there are these periods of time when I stop following Weight Watchers. That seems to be a battle that […]

An Extra Edge? – The Real Deal with Supplements

I’ll admit, I’ve taken my fair share of health supplements and additives over the years. After all, if you’re struggling to lose that clinging weight or frustrated by stalled strength, why wouldn’t you go for a pill or powder that promises to solve everything for you? Who cares about actual […]

Guest Post: J M McDermott on megacorps, Cinderella, and his latest Kickstarter endeavor

In the future, one corporation will rise up and consume the others into a hulking monstrosity. It will likely begin inside the border of either Russia or China or the United States, where the oligarchs that quietly rule our kingdoms will merge political authority with corporate economics until there is […]

Dance Like Nobody but the NSA is Watching – Workout Music!

Music can play an important part in the writing process. Some writers, myself included, find music helps fill the silence during a drafting process. Some writers create huge playlists to accompany their stories, evoking various moods for specific scenes and characters. Other writers struggle to write unless they’re listening to […]

Cons, Conferences, and Tours – Staying Active On-the-Go

Attending conferences and conventions is one of my favorite things to do as a writer (aside from, y’know, writing). There are so many writing and publishing and fandom events going on these days, you could go to one every weekend all year long and still be missing out on the […]