In & Out – Casual Approaches to Calories

Long post ahoy! Most writers I know keep track of their progress via word count. Each writing session adds a few hundred or few thousand words to a spreadsheet, with a target word count as the end goal or a short story or novel. Without actual words going into the […]

Write Strong Guest Post: Food and Movement for Your Mind

By Tina Gower My second year of college I did an internship at the Wellness Center. We were in charge of bringing in programming to improve student, uh, well, wellness. I’ll admit, I was there because it would look good on my application to graduate school and, dude, who’s not […]

I’ve written two novellas for the Kindle Worlds Abnorm Chronicles series!

In what I hope will prove to be a fun ongoing experiment, I now have two novellas published through the Kindle Worlds platform on Amazon. These stories are licensed tie-ins with Marcus Sakey‘s Brilliance Saga, in which human savants known as “brilliants” begin transforming the world in both marvelous and […]

Food for Thought – Approaches to Eating & Nutrition

So far, we’ve been focusing on exercise and ways to boost overall physical activity, breaking out of sedentary writing habits and the like. We can’t go much further though without addressing the health issue that goes hand-in-hand with exercise. In fact, if you’re trying to get into better shape, lose […]

Write Strong Guest Post: Running Your Writing Through

By Michael F. Stewart Let’s talk a little about guilt. Writing often feels like a guilty pleasure. If you’re a good writer you likely have the intelligence, dedication, and communication skills to be doing something else that makes a lot more money. Money isn’t everything, I know, but for most […]