Write Strong Guest Post: Playing Your Way to Fitness – Wii Do It!

by Catherine Schaff-Stump As a kid, I hated PE. I hated the idea of running, jumping jacks, and dodge ball. In fact, if it had anything to do with physical exercise, I could be counted on to dislike it and be bad at it. Funny how some things could distract […]

Online Fitness & Health Resources

I’ve always been a fan of research. The more research done, the better I feel equipped to make informed choices, be it about how I approach outlining a novel, how I eat, or how I design a workout routine for the next few months. When I first set on writing […]

Rest & Rewards – Give Yourself a Break!

Whenever I’m coming to the end of a writing project, be it big or small, I give myself a little incentive for finishing. It could be anything from jellybeans to a fun meal out to seeing a movie. I also often take a short rest in-between big projects, or if […]

On running, barbed wire, mud, and high voltage

I’m not a runner. That said, I do run rather regularly. For the past few months, I’ve averaged two runs a week, usually between 4-10 miles. Over the past few years, I’ve done a couple half-marathons, a few 10ks, and a growing number of obstacle course races. Last Saturday, I also […]

My Fitness and Eating Protocols

I thought it might be fitting to go into a little more detail about my own choices in how I workout and eat to maintain where I’m at and advance some in strength and endurance. After all, as we’ve talked about, we each find our unique paths. Perhaps sharing where […]