MileHiCon…or bust

Well, minutes before setting into the drive for MileHiCon, my car’s radiator decided to weep big green tears in the final bouts of its death. Knew it was coming, but the timing could’ve been better. Not wanting to shell out $600 for the mechanic, I instead tracked down a replacement […]

Bestsellers and Bodybuilders – The Pitfalls of Comparison

“I want to be the next [INSERT NAME OF RICH AND/OR FAMOUS AUTHOR HERE]!” Even if we’ve never vocalized that, many writers have felt that desire in their deepest, darkest of hearts. We see someone’s career skyrocket until they’re a household name and have movie deals galore, or we read […]

These Boots were Made for Talking – Writing via Dictation

For the most part, writing is something that happens when we’re sitting still. Maybe if you’ve converted to a standing or treadmill desk, you’ve counteracted that a bit. Even then, though, you’re locked in to that one spot in your house, office, or coffee shop (don’t take your treadmill into […]

Write Strong Guest Post: Fantastically Fit

by Molly Tanzer I’ve always hated cardio. So why, this summer, did I train for (and complete) my first triathlon? My fitness (and philosophical) nonpareil is Conan the Cimmerian. That guy is strong. And tough, and nimble, and flexible. Even better, to my mind at least: he maintains his level […]

Pick Your Poison – Alcohol, Fitness, and the Writer

*Cough* Aside from what the title might suggest, this post isn’t intended to be a sermon against drinking or anything of the sort. Let’s say it straight: There’s nothing inherently bad, wrong, evil, wicked (hey look! a thesaurus!) about alcohol and drinking it. There is a long-standing cliché or tradition […]