Whereupon Words Multiply – A Guest Post & Interview Roundup

As things have been heating up with the releases of Enter the Janitor and Forge of Ashes, I’ve been popping up in some awesome, odd, and unlikely places. For those interested, this growing list of interviews, guests posts, and podcasts covers a pretty wide range of topics…from RPGs and game-writing […]

A nifty book trailer for Enter the Janitor!

As the WordFire Press team prepares to kick off Denver Comic Con (here’s my schedule for that), I got this awesome gift of an actual book trailer for Enter the Janitor. Feast your eyeballs! And yes, that is real muck monster puke and a magic mop. Had to keep it […]

My Denver Comic Con Schedule

It’s time for some hometown fun! Denver Comic Con is this Memorial Day Weekend. If you’re attending, realize that, unlike most cons that run Friday-Saturday-Sunday, because of the three day weekend, DCC is running Saturday-Sunday-Monday. I’ll be there, of course, both working the WordFire Press booth and on a variety […]

Guest Author Interview: M. Darusha Wehm

I’m excited to have M. Darusha Wehm visiting the blog today! She’s participating in the Never Have, Never Will interview, which offers up some questions you may not usually see in most author conversations. Her latest book, Children of Arkadia, is out, and you can read all about it after […]

Enter the Janitor – Cover Art Time Lapse Video

So, remember that little video I posted a while back, giving a glimpse of the work-in-progress cover art for Enter the Janitor? Well, now you can feast your eyes on every major step of the artistic process–from the first concept sketch to the final title piece! Check it out: I’d […]

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