Hey Seattle…I’m heading your way

So. This is unexpected. For nearly the past five years, I’ve been doing the freelance writing/author gig full-time. It was a career I built up over a goodly while, and it gave me plenty of freedom, variety, and satisfaction in my work. It also let me focus on things like […]

My schedule at Myths & Legends Con (MALcon)!

This will be my first year attending Myths and Legends Con (aka MALcon), and I’m looking forward to the event! This is the con’s third year and, while it’s smaller than some, I’ve heard nothing but great things about the time people have there. I’ll have a table there with […]

Winners of the Enter the Janitor Cover Caption Contest!

Thanks to everyone who entered the cover art caption contest! Alas, only three can claim the prize of a free audiobook. So here are the winning captions: Brianna Reed – “My Little Janitor: Lysol is Magic” Daniel Puls – “When it all backs up, he doesn’t back down.” Matthew Kuka […]

My Space City Comic Con & Gen Con Schedules

Events are ramping up again. We just finished ConnectiCon (which was a fantastic time, by the by), and now we’re gearing up for Space City Comic Con in Houston next week–after which I’ll be hopping a flight to Gen Con over in Indianapolis. Whew. But I’m looking forward to both and […]

Goodreads Giveaways for Enter the Janitor & Forge of Ashes!

I’m hosting two giveaways on Goodreads, one for Enter the Janitor and one for Forge of Ashes. There’s a copy of each up for grabs, so be sure to sign up and have a chance to win a free copy of either. The giveaways each end on August 17th. You […]

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