Book & Game News!

[INSERT MEANDERING STATEMENT ABOUT HOW LONG IT'S BEEN SINCE I POSTED HERE LAST] There. We’ll skip that part and let your wonderful imaginations do the work for me. In other news a bit more interesting than a necro-blog, this morning saw me signing a book contract! My wife was kind […]

My $120 treadmill desk…and how to build your own

I’ve had various folks express interest when they hear I work on a treadmill desk during the week. When I started freelancing full-time, I realized that for the previous 5ish years, all my jobs had involved sitting at a desk at least 8 hours a day. Then I’d go home […]

Lascaux Review flash fiction contest (and my entry)

In its second year, Lascaux Review is holding another flash fiction contest, open for submissions for just under 10 more days. Last year’s was a lot of fun (and being a finalist an added pleasure) with nearly 250 entries, and this year looks to be on track to beat that […]

“Fuel” – ISLF Advent Ghosts 2012 story

This is my entry for the I Saw Lightning Fall Advent Ghosts 2012 flash fiction event, where folks gather to tell a variety of spooky Christmas-themed stories, ghostly or otherwise. Check out the link all day to view stories as they’re added, all exactly 100 words!   “FUEL” Red mittens with reindeer-fur […]

How I defeat the lure of video games–the bane of my writing productivity

I’ve always been an enormous gamer, often to the detriment of things such as my grades in college, my health, relationships with loved ones, and progress in my writing endeavors. I’ve played mostly on PC, and so have run the gamut of RPGs, MMOs, FPSs, and everything in between. Listing […]