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Josh Vogt - Fantasy Author & Freelancer Posts

Six words tell the tale

It’s early, but I ran across this while browsing Neil Gaiman’s site. Wired magazine had a number of writers try to compose stories of six words only. The results are…well…see for yourself. My favorites are the ones by Ronald D. Moore, Orson Scott Card, and Richard Powers. Now I…

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It’s always a challenge when one particular line in a story or poem just evades you. You grab for it, dig for it, beg for it. But no good. It sits up on the high rocks like the egg from an eagle’s nest and mocks you. Wait. Eagle eggs don’t…

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To my Muse

For some writers, their muse is something in their heads, nebulous, maybe in the misty form of some woman in a toga. Women in togas never really did anything for me, I’m afraid. My muse has always taken the form of a cat. Cats are rather arrogant creatures that manage…

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A beginning

This is a start. A chance to nudge ideas and stories out into the open (they are such painfully shy things, aren’t they?) and see what happens to them once they waddle out into the wide world of web. An adventure in the making, so let’s see what we have…

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