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Six words tell the tale

It’s early, but I ran across this while browsing Neil Gaiman’s site. Wired magazine had a number of writers try to compose stories of six words only. The results are…well…see for yourself.

My favorites are the ones by Ronald D. Moore, Orson Scott Card, and Richard Powers.

Now I must go ponder what six words I would choose. Results may be posted later. If anyone out there comes up with an idea, do let me know.

I see that smile.


All right. After not being able to get this out of my head, here are a few results of my six word story brainstorming:

I frowned. My reflection smiled back.

Full moon. Curb your dog, please.

Then I woke up. Just kidding.

Immortality gained. Chronic boredom sets in.

Artificial intelligence writes book. Critics assimilated.

Memory loss. What? Memory loss. What?

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