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It’s always a challenge when one particular line in a story or poem just evades you. You grab for it, dig for it, beg for it. But no good. It sits up on the high rocks like the egg from an eagle’s nest and mocks you. Wait. Eagle eggs don’t mock people. Crap. Going to have to work on my analogies.

Anyways, been niggling at this poem all day like a loose tooth. Maybe if I print out the draft I have so far and stick it under my pillow, the poem fairy (didn’t know there was one of those, didja?) will leave me a bright, shiny, new poem in the morning. Either that or I’ll wake up covered with paper cuts and with a crumpled printout. Hmm. An experiment.

On further news, I’m getting a full blown website in the works. I have a great friend, Becca, who is going to apply her amazing website guru know-how to help me find a web presence that doesn’t deserve a paper bag over its face. The link for it is on the right here (, so keep an eye on it for updates and face-lifts to come soon. Once we get the basic structure going, I can start getting actual content in there, maybe post a few stories and suchlike.

I see that smile.

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