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Child’s Play

Book Cover: Child's Play
Part of the Abnorm Chronicles series:

A baffling string of jewelry thefts has been linked to possible abnorm criminal activity—a troubling development that has kept Agent Nick Cooper pulling late nights in the Equitable Services office, searching for a clue to the culprit. In his wildest theories, though, he never imagined a break in the investigation coming in the form of two boys—one of whom claims to be Sherlock Holmes while the other introduces himself as John Watson.

So begins the unlikeliest of adventures as Cooper teams up with elementary students whose personas seem sprung from the very pages of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective stories. If Cooper intends to stop the next robbery, he must rely on these strange kids and the case they’re determined to close. For the fictional Holmes had a singular equal in brilliance and cunning...and who this young Sherlock claims is now responsible for a crime spree worth millions.


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