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Book Releases and Beta Readers!

At long last, book 4 of The Cleaners, Fellowship of the Squeegee, is launching! Right now, the ebook is available for pre-order, and the paperback will be live on September 30th.

(For some weird reason, KDP doesn’t allow paperback pre-orders, but please do snag an electronic version for your Kindle)

You can see the amazing cover art, and here’s the plot description:

Odd things are afoot in the Cleaners, which, for a company that regularly mops up magical messes involving garbage gremlins and dust demons, is saying something. Ben’s powers have inexplicably returned, stronger than ever, but he’s now plagued with an unquenchable thirst—fortunately just for water, not blood.

Dani is distracted from her friend’s unusual predicament by her rigorous training under the tutelage of her sentient employee manual (which she’s starting to suspect isn’t standard company issue). Not only that, but the elemental spirits that fuel her powers have become a little too high maintenance, demanding free will and other nonsense.

Then information surfaces that offers new clues to the incident that killed Ben’s wife and left him temporarily insane and dying of a Corrupt disease. Ignoring concerns about the volatility of his restored abilities, Ben and his long-time colleague, Lucy, arrange a stealthy fact-finding mission into unexplored Sewer depths, determined to discover anything they can about his murky past.

The instant they embark, however, Cleaners HQ comes under attack, leaving Ben and Lucy stranded in enemy territory. Defying direct orders from the Chairman, Dani mounts a rescue, conscripting four elderly window-washers who have unprecedented access to the mysterious glassways the company uses for magical transportation and surveillance.

As the team races to recover their imperiled peers, their every step closer enacts a deadly toll. And despite Ben and Lucy confronting living pockets of gas and fecal fiends, the greatest danger may lie in the revelations they unearth in the bowels of the Sewers.

That, or the general lack of water fountains.

For any curious souls, I have two more entries planned to wrap up the series, and I hope each one will be coming out in 2020 and 2021 respectively, if all goes well. It’s been fantastic to see this story through, and I hope everyone is enjoying the adventure as much as I have.

Want to be a Beta Reader?

On another topic, I am planning to release several (initially) standalone novels from Story Strong Press over the next year. And I’m looking for some beta readers to help me get some objective feedback on the stories before they go into final editing.

Want to be in on the fun? All beta readers will receive a signed copy of the finished book and my undying thanks, plus a mention in the Acknowledgements.

Here are the options:

  • The King of Cooks – (Sword & Sorcery/Humor) A young cook in the royal kitchens is told he’s chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy…but he wants nothing to do with destiny, and must defy an increasingly psychotic prophet’s attempts to force him to become a hero.
  • The Unfamiliars – (Urban Fantasy) – A demon servant who has faithfully served her master for centuries has her loyalty tested when she encounters a group of unbound familiars who want to give her back her free will–whether she wants it or not.
  • Parasomnia – (Urban Fantasy) – A secret society of permanent insomniacs tirelessly defend humanity from the predations of otherworldly parasites that invade our sleeping minds.

Interested in any or all three? I’m hoping to get feedback done over the next month and jump into final production afterward. Drop me a line!

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