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Text Only LogoI’ve always been a fan of research. The more research done, the better I feel equipped to make informed choices, be it about how I approach outlining a novel, how I eat, or how I design a workout routine for the next few months. When I first set on writing as a career of choice, I did a hefty bit of research to plot out the best plan to follow. That resulted in the Fiction Writer’s Toolbox, a collection of 140+ links, tools, and resources for writers based on years of internet trawling.

I know other writers love to research as well—and we’re often paranoid that our searching for topics like “common poisons found in the home” or “can I kill a grown man with pencil shards?” will get us on some government watchlist. With this focus on fitness for writers, I wanted to offer at least a handful of links to get folks started on their own research efforts. The following are resources that I’ve found helpful over the years I’ve tried to learn more about health and fitness. I hope they prove informative and inspiring for you as well!

(this is by no means comprehensive, but just highlights some of my favorite go-to’s)

  • Nerd Fitness – Extremely informative site with a geeky theme and lots of encouragement, motivation, and straight talk about fitness.
  • RippedBody – Personal trainer’s site who details effective workouts and eating protocols (especially intermittent fasting)
  • Body Recomposition – You want a scientific approach to working out, nutrition, fat loss, and more? This guy will science your face off! He’s got a variety of books, but most of the essential info is detailed in his blog and articles.
  • MapMyRun – Great tool for charting out running routes around your city or wherever you happen to find yourself. Website and app versions are available.
  • Leangains – One of the biggest names in the intermittent fasting protocol. Not as active anymore, but it still contains a lot of good info (if you can get past the guy’s attitude).
  • CrossFit – Original site for the CrossFit fans out there or those looking to learn more about it. Good info plus exercise demonstrations and listings of local crossfit studios.
  • RippedRecipes – Good meal planning site that lets you filter recipes according to desired calories and macro breakdowns.
  • Tough Mudder – Looking for a challenge? Tough Mudder obstacle races are a great way to motivate yourself to train hard.
  • Spartan Race – This was one of the first races that really pushed me to improve my overall fitness. Ran it alone the first year, and then with family and friends the second! Huge fun.
  • Athletic Foodie – What’s the fun of working out if you can’t enjoy a good meal after? This site gives so many recipes and ideas, I doubt you’ll ever run out.
  • TED – Yes, TED talks. Check out talks on eating, motivation, failure, and more.
  • Born Fitness – Solid blog that offers facts and raw opinion on all manner of fitness trends and topic.
  • – Good general information compilation, covering exercises, recipes, equipment, and more.
  • Roman Fitness Systems – A fun, energetic blog by a well-known personal trainer. Lots of good and interesting posts.
  • ConsumerLab – Looking to take any sort of nutritional or supplement product? Want to know what you’re actually getting in that bottle or pill and if it’s in any way backed up by evidence? Or what it will cost you to take it on a daily basis? While requiring a low yearly subscription, this site does an amazing job of performing independent studies and tests on countless health products on the market and giving in-depth reports on ingredients, processing, quality, cost, etc.

Do you have any suggestions for health and fitness links, resources, or tools? Which ones are you familiar with? How have they helped you along on this journey?

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