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Make it Work – Office-Style Workout Options

Text Only LogoWriters often find themselves in offices of some sort through much of the day—and that’s not even counting the office at the day job. Now, offices come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Maybe yours is an actual den in your home. Maybe it’s a table at the nearest coffee shop. Or you’ve got a particular bench you take your laptop to in the park. It could be a little workstation nook off the kitchen.

Whatever it is, you spend hours upon hours tucked away there, writing. What if you could also convert that space into your own mini-gym or workout area? What if you empowered yourself by creating a working environment that’s conducive to a little physical activity at the same time? We’ve talked a little about options like standing or treadmill desks. Let’s take it a step further though.

  • Weights – Get yourself some dumbbells or kettlebells and stash them beside or under your desk. During breaks (lunch or just hourly breathers), pick up the weights and do a few sets of basic lifts. I’ve got a dumbbell set that has adjustable plates, letting them weight anywhere from five to fifty pounds depending on what I dial in.
  • Resistance bands – These elastic bands are easy to stash in a desk drawer. Pull them out a few times a day for quick and easy resistance training using your chair, desk, door, and body to anchor the bands. Here’s a great link showing various exercises you can use these for while just in a chair.
  • Yoga – If you have the space, keep a yoga mat in the corner. Then go through a few poses once an hour or every other hour. You can find plenty of videos on YouTube or free/semi-free online yoga class videos that can guide you through routines, and yoga is an excellent way to work on flexibility, strength, and balance all at once.
  • Stretching – The simple act of stretching is of great benefit in-and-of itself. It helps your posture, improves blood flow, decreases the potential for injury, and relieves pain and soreness. Having a stressful day? Even just ten minutes of stretching can help you calm down, refocus, and experience an energy bump.
  • Bodyweight exercises – You don’t even need any equipment to perform an office workout. Take five minutes an hour and throw in a quick set of pushups, squats, planks, and sit-ups. If it’s feasible, install a chin-up bar in your office doorway or get one of these movable pull-up bars so you don’t need a permanent fixture.

Want a digital exercise planner? Check out this link for an online Workout Generator that will offer up suggestions based on the input you provide, such as your skill level, available gear and time, or the part of the body you want to focus on.

Have you used your office as a workout space as well as a writing space? What’s your favorite in-office workout routine?


  1. Jeffe Kennedy
    Jeffe Kennedy July 2, 2014

    I’ve had a treadmill desk for about a year and a half. Best office workout ever!

    • JRVogt
      JRVogt July 2, 2014

      Agreed! I’ve even heard of some people bouncing on trampolines, using stair-steppers, bikes, and more with laptop setups.

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