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5 Top Fitness Apps – Your Digital Helpers

Text Only LogoApps! I know plenty of writers who enhance their craft with the help of various apps. I’m one of them. I’ve got apps for cutting myself off social networks when I need to be productive. An app that’s a virtual egg timer to get into a writing groove. Thesaurus apps. Note-taking apps. I’ve seen apps to measure wordcount goals, create virtual storyboards, and so much more.

There’s a reason apps are so popular these days. They can help (if you use them, of course). They make things just a bit easier or more focused and streamlined. We can take them with us on our smartphones, tablets, and laptops, using them in almost every imaginable circumstances. So, what apps are available on the fitness side of things?

Oh…so many. I’m going to pick out just five I’ve found quite useful. All of these should be available both on Apple and Google platforms.

  • GymPact – I mentioned this one before back in the post on accountability. You establish fitness and/or nutrition goals in conjunction with a number of other Pact members. Then you determine how much you’re willing to pay if you don’t meet those goals. If you hit your goals, you get monetary rewards. If you don’t…your money goes toward paying the rewards for others!
  • MyFitnessPal – This app coincides with the excellent MyFitnessPal website. It helps you track workouts as well as calories, and the search function for specific foods is surprisingly thorough. It’s a great way to log your activity and at least give yourself a rough idea if you’re over- or underestimating your caloric intake.
  • Zombies, Run! – Lots of runners will likely have heard of this app before, and it’s one I use pretty much any time I’m going on a run by myself. It’s a way to make running a bit more entertaining, adding game and story elements to your route. Train for various race lengths, do interval sprints to avoid getting eaten, and run further to pick up essential “supplies” and boost your high score.
  • Strength Calc (Natty Edition) – If you’re into the gym and strength training, this is an excellent app that helps you log your routines. Input weight, set, reps, calculate your caloric needs and how much you burned in a workout, and much more.
  • You Are Your Own Gym – The only app here with a required pricetag ($2.99), but I think it’s cheap enough to be well worth it. This is a huge repository of bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere, anytime. It includes videos, as well as the ability to setup routines based on different circuits and timeframes.

What fitness/health apps have you used before? Did you find they helped or were they just a distraction? Which ones are you currently using and what do they do?

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