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Get a free copy of Cleaners #3: The Dustpan Cometh! Here’s how…

Hey, clean freaks! The third book in The Cleaners series is heading your way: The Dustpan Cometh!

Here are a few things people have said about the series so far:

“Clever, well-written and a bunch of fun.”

— Jody Lynn Nye, bestselling fantasy and science fiction author

“I loved MAIDS OF WRATH! This is a worthy successor to ENTER THE JANITOR. The Cleaners universe keeps expanding in all the right ways. You’ll never look at cleaning professionals the same away again.”

— Jennifer Brozek, author of APOCALYPSE GIRL DREAMING
“A fresh voice in urban fantasy and an original new hero. And after reading this novel, you might never again go to the bathroom alone…”
— Laura Resnick, author of the Esther Diamond series
“I have read a lot of urban fantasy–120 books, according to my tags–and it’s very difficult to describe works in the genre as innovative and fresh… Josh Vogt, however, has created something incredibly unique in his Cleaners series.”
Beth Cato, author of The Clockwork Dagger series
If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the final cover art.

Here’s the official plot summary:

It’s back to school for Dani, whose new work-study position as a—what else?—janitor at her college provides the perfect front for her job with the Cleaners, the supernatural sanitation company keeping reality tidy and safe. The toughest part? Accepting that the forces of Corruption aren’t behind every squicky mess. Sometimes frat boy vomit is just frat boy vomit. 

Then a real problem appears: Sydney, the entropy-wielding Scum whose touch turns anything to dust. He reminds her of the deal she made so he’d spare a child’s life, and it’s time to uphold her side of the bargain—by going on a date with him. 

Back at Cleaners HQ, Ben is determined to restore his powers and has been submitting increasingly absurd ideas for doing so to the Employee Suggestion box. When a concept is unexpectedly approved, he becomes a target for his coworkers, who are all-too-eager to test the limits of his latest “theory.

In the midst of the pair’s respective dilemmas, a strange form of Corruption strikes in the heart of Denver, transforming swaths of neighborhood parks into lifeless desert. 

Scrambling to contain the disaster, the Cleaners pinpoint Sydney as the source and prepare to put him down at all costs. But after Dani encounters another potential culprit, she finds herself inexplicably defending her would-be beau. Even as her loyalties are questioned, she must still face her greatest challenge ever… 

Wearing a dress in public.

Now, here’s the really fun thing. You could get a chance to read it before the official launch date! How?

Easy. We make a trade. Think of it as a win-win opportunity. Here’s how it works.

After reading this post you contact me through my website form and express your interest in receiving an advance review copy (ARC). Digital versions only at the moment, available in most formats.

I then send you an ARC file. In return, you commit to reading and posting an online review either during March (for the Emerald City Comic Con pre-launch) or in April (during the official launch). This review could be on your blog, Amazon, Goodreads, an official review site, or all of the above!

At which point, you then link me the review as proof (via the contact form again, email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and, once the book is out, I send you a free physical copy of the final, complete thing as a thank you. It’ll be signed and personalized too!

Do note, I am not asking for only positive reviews. I want honesty. Even if your review isn’t so great, or downright damning, I’ll still send you the physical book as a thank you for making the effort. You also don’t have to have read Enter the Janitor or The Maids of Wrath to be eligible.

All right, clean freaks, whattya say? Ready to step into the ring and face down a few dust devils?

Contact me here to get started

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