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BookSwim – A Netflix for books?

Not sure how long BookSwim has been around, but I just discovered it. Basically you pay a monthly fee to have a certain amount of books delivered to your door. You then read them and return them in exchange for new books, etc. 

Subscriptions run anywhere from $9.95 a month (plus shipping) for a single book to $59.95 if you’re ambitious enough to tackle 11 books a month. 

My initial reaction is this:

1. Are you kidding me?
2. Go to a library.
3. I’ll be extremely surprised if this lasts long or is profitable in any way.
4. The price points are way off. If you’re paying $9.95 a month for just 1 book, why not just buy the freakin’ book in paperback?
5. Oh, how I love my Kindle (insert e-reader of your choice here)
5. And seriously. Libraries. Check ’em out.

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