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Digging up past manuscripts – A writing exercise

So I’ve been pondering a little experiment, and want to toss it out there to see if anyone would be interested if I actually went forward with it.

Over the years, as I’ve pursued this whole writing career thingamabob, I’ve written a lot of words. I’ve got a good handful of novels trunked–ones that will never be published, and for good reason. Despite being relegated to a virtual drawer, each of these novels did serve as a stepping stone. Each one taught me something about being a writer and gave me a few more tools to use in future stories. Each one served as a milestone on my ongoing writing adventure.

Here’s the idea then. Would folks be interested if I dug up one or two of these old manuscripts and posted a series of chapters/scenes from them, which I would then comment on with a good measure of hindsight? The things that didn’t work. Maybe something that did. The evolution of the writing style, the story concept, characters, etc. Basically whatever comes to mind as I go back over the text with an older (and hopefully wiser) eye.

It could be fun, we might all learn a little something, and hopefully some other writers might avoid a few prose pitfalls by virtue of “Don’t do this!” Besides, you’d at least get a chuckle or two seeing some of my early awkward attempts.


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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous June 15, 2011

    That sounds brilliant. I say go for it.

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