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The Clarity of Night flash fiction contest has begun!

The Clarity of Night blog, run by Jason Evans, is now live with its 14th flash fiction contest. Here’s the picture that writers are to draw inspiration from, titled “Elemental.”
Here are the basic rules. 
1. Write a story with a max 250 wordcount. 
2. Submit it by 10PM, Wed., July 20th. (That’s in 1 week, folks!)
However, there is a big qualifier for the entry time limit. You see, the contest has become so popular that Evans is been having a difficult time processing the hundreds of submissions he’s received in the past. So to keep things manageable, he’s imposing a potentially early closing time. Here’s how he explains it:

If I receive 95 entries before the regular close of the contest, I will announce FINAL COUNTDOWN. What does that mean? A clock will be posted on Clarity of Night with 12 hours placed on it. Once FINAL COUNTDOWN is declared, you will have 12 hours to get your entries in. Once the 12-hour period has expired, the contest will close. Whoever makes it in time will be included.

Evans has a couple key posts about how he rates entries, and suggestions on what you can do to improve your chances of winning. Definitely check these out to get an edge over other contestants. Also check out the full rules, guidelines, and awards here.
Here also is the link to the last contest, where my entry, The Care and Feeding of Angels, had the good fortune to place 1st in both the general judging and Reader’s Choice Award. It’ll be interesting to see how my next attempt is received. You never really can be sure. What you can be sure of is a ton of fascinating entries and takes on how this picture is interpreted. 
Good luck!

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