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Want guest posts, author interviews, or review copies? Double-down on some fantasy novel fun!

2015 is what I’m referring to as my “debut year.” I’ve got the most horrible problem of having two whole books being released, not just one. In this corner, we have a sword-and-sorcery adventure tale focusing on a female dwarven barbarian with severe anger issues and highly dysfunctional relationships. In…

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“Liberator” – Short RPG adventure story now out from Privateer Press

Privateer Press has an ongoing series of short fiction (almost flash fiction, in some cases) that highlight adventures and characters from their Iron Kingdoms game setting. I had the fun of contributing to the most recent release of these Iron Kingdoms Excursions with my short piece, “Liberator.” Here’s the synopsis snippet:…

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I’ve written two novellas for the Kindle Worlds Abnorm Chronicles series!

In what I hope will prove to be a fun ongoing experiment, I now have two novellas published through the Kindle Worlds platform on Amazon. These stories are licensed tie-ins with Marcus Sakey‘s Brilliance Saga, in which human savants known as “brilliants” begin transforming the world in both marvelous and…

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