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My GenCon 2014 Schedule – Gaming Geekery & Writing Wizardry

This will be my first year attending GenCon and I have to admit, my hopes are high. Aside from the massive amount of gaming geekery to be enjoyed, it’s an opportunity to have numerous face-to-face meetups with a wide variety of my freelance clients for the first time, see plenty of author friends (and hopefully make new ones), and get a taste of the Writer’s Symposium–about which I’ve heard nothing but good things.


Thanks to Marc Tassin for heading up the whole Writer’s Symposium and getting me on two panels despite my late-in-the-game registration. Here’s where I’ll be:

Thursday 3pm: Writer’s Craft: Natural Speech vs Prose Dialogue

  • Elizabeth Vaughan (Moderator)
  • Josh Vogt
  • Geoffrey Girard
  • Aaron Rosenberg
  • Lorry Correia

Saturday 8pm: Writer’s Craft: New Ways to Tell Stories

  • Marc Tassin (Moderator)
  • Stephen Hood
  • Dylan Birtolo
  • Christine Thompson
  • Josh Vogt

I’ll also be helping Third Eye Games run their booth for a bit, Thurs 5-6pm & Sat 5-6pm.

Other than that, I’ll be attending various workshops and panels, including Jaym Gates’ Workshops for Game Industry Pros. Plus, there’s the evening meetups, actual game sessions, and whatever other madness pops up along the way. I’ve found most con schedules tend to be rather fluid, so you’ve just got to be willing to go with the unexpected.

Whew. Yeah, this is gonna be fun!

If you’re at GenCon this year, it’d be great to connect. What’s your schedule looking like? Are you going just for the games or will I see some of you all at panels or other events?

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