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Category: Gaming

The word’s on the tip of my tongue – Playing Codenames

As I’m a writer by both passion and profession, it might not surprise you that I enjoy word games. Sure, I enjoy a good game of Scrabble or other vocabulary games…but I also enjoy games that go beyond just a word’s definition and bring in a more interpretive element. So,…

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Who are your real friends? – Why I love Cutthroat Caverns

Ever get together with family or close friends to play a game and, somewhere in the middle of play, you looked at another player–someone you once trusted and believed would always have your back–and said, “I can’t believe you would do that to me! Who are you?” Yeah. Playing Cutthroat…

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Bring on that board game love…and betrayal

This month, I’m heading to Gen Con to be part of the Writer’s Symposium! For those who don’t know, Gen Con is an enormous convention focused on gaming–mostly of the tabletop sort (boards, cards, dice, etc.), but including programming on e-games, LARPing, and, of course, roleplaying. I’ve been a lifelong…

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