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Hey Seattle…I’m heading your way

So. This is unexpected.

For nearly the past five years, I’ve been doing the freelance writing/author gig full-time. It was a career I built up over a goodly while, and it gave me plenty of freedom, variety, and satisfaction in my work. It also let me focus on things like working with the WordFire Press team and attending nearly 20 conventions this year, where I’ve been promoting my new books and being on panels alongside other authors. I’ve always said it would take a rather unique opportunity to draw me back to an office environment and more 9-5ish schedule.

Well, that opportunity has manifested.

Come the beginning of October, I will be leaving Denver and trekking out to Seattle, where I’ll take on the official title of Editor for the Paizo team. This position is under James Sutter, the company’s executive editor, and the guy I worked with on Forge of Ashes–and who is also responsible for the Pathfinder Tales fiction line and Paizo’s new partnership with Tor Books. I will be working on everything from game materials to fiction to marketing content and more.


I’m supremely excited by this and can’t wait to dive into the work! There is so much to look forward to, not to mention the awesome literary community I know exists out in the Pacific Northwest region. I will be working with a top-notch team, in both the gaming and publishing industry, while also expanding the editorial side of my career.

I’ll remain affiliated in some ways with WordFire (aside from being one of their ongoing authors), but will not be doing nearly as many conventions moving forward, though I hope to keep ones like GenCon and Origins as annual regulars. I will also keep my own author/writing career growing with new Cleaners novels, other media tie-ins, RPG freelancing, and lots of other manuscripts and stories I have in the works.

This is definitely a new chapter in my adventure, and it’ll be an interesting transition, to say the least. For those of you in Denver, I will miss being as active there as I have been, but hope to make it back around whenever I can (and, of course, I’ll remain active on Twitter/Facebook/etc.). For those of you in Seattle and the surrounding areas, I’m eager to connect with you soon, start checking out the local con scene, and get involved with all the fun being had out there!

Now…onward and upward.

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  1. Jessica d'Arbonne
    Jessica d'Arbonne August 24, 2015

    Happy trails, Josh! Super proud of you, even though I’ll miss running into you here in Denver. 🙂

  2. Peter Sartucci
    Peter Sartucci August 29, 2015

    Congratulations Josh! May you enjoy rainy Seattle as much as sunny Colorado, and make many new friends.

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