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My Space City Comic Con & Gen Con Schedules

Events are ramping up again. We just finished ConnectiCon (which was a fantastic time, by the by), and now we’re gearing up for Space City Comic Con in Houston next week–after which I’ll be hopping a flight to Gen Con over in Indianapolis. Whew. But I’m looking forward to both and can’t wait to see everyone there. Space City will be with the WordFire Press team, while I’ll be on my own for Gen Con. Though, by “on my own,” I mean enjoying the Writer’s Symposium with all the other incredible authors they’ve got lined up for this year.

If you’re at either event, here is my schedule for them so far:

Space-City-Comic-Con_110927 (1)

Space City Comic Con – July 24-26

  • Saturday, 4pm – StrangeNew Worlds: Writing Your First Sci-Fi Novel
  • Sunday, 4pm – You Can’t Do That On The Bridge: Making Your Own Morality


Gen Con– July 29-August 2


  • 2pm – High Fantasy without the Cliches (Room 243)
  • 3pm – Where to Start When Creating Characters (Room 243)


  • 9am – Writer’s Craft 101 (Room 244)
  • 12pm – Pathfinder Signing


  • 10am – Creating Magic Systems (Room 244)
  • 12pm – Pathfinder Signing
  • 5pm – Worldbuilding: Planes & Dimensions (Room 244)
  • 6pm – Worldbuilding: Designing Unique Cultures (Room 244)


  • 9am – Read & Critique (Room 241)
  • 12pm – Pathfinder Signing

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