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Off to Origins Game Fair!


I’ll soon be boarding a plane to head out to Columbus, OH for Origins Game Fair (June 15-19)! Had a marvelous time last year and can’t wait to be back. I’ll be in the author alley (aka the Library) alongside some pretty amazing folks (like Jennifer Brozek, Dylan Birtolo, John Helfers, Gail Z. Martin, Michael Stackpole, Aaron Rosenberg, Timothy Zahn, and more).

Alongside being on panels, yes, I will be selling (and signing!) copies of Enter the Janitor, and the new sequel, The Maids of Wrath, along with Pathfinder Tales: Forge of Ashes. If you’re at the con, it’d be wonderful to see you, whether we’re meeting for the first time or getting a chance to cross paths again. And if you already have my books, the Library is still well worth checking out for all the stellar stories to be found there. We’ll have copies of this year’s Origins anthology–the theme is Robots!–and I believe every author with a story in it, including myself, will be in attendance, so you can get the whole thing signed.

Here’s a rundown of my current panel schedule there. Hope to see you there.


  • 11am – Who are We? (Characters)
  • 12pm – Where are We? (Worldbuilding)


  • 11am – Business of Publishing 101
  • 12pm – Independent Publishing
  • 6pm – Story Hour


  • 6pm – Worldbuilding 201


  • 11am – Big Publishers vs. Small Publishers


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One Comment

  1. Elissa
    Elissa June 13, 2016

    I have all your books, but if I were going to Origins, I’d bring them all and make you sign ’em! Oh! I’m currently reading Gail Z. Martin’s Ascendant Kingdoms series, so I’d bring those, too.

    I don’t have anything against ebooks, but you can’t have the author sign them. Real books rock.

    Sadly, no budget for cons. πŸ™

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