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Cover Reveal! – Pathfinder Tales: Forge of Ashes

Since I’m a bit busy setting up for a con, I didn’t have time to work up a video for this (yet), but I’m too excited to keep it back. Announcing the official, final cover for Forge of Ashes!


This artwork is by Eric Belisle and shows of the main character, Akina, in combat with a scanderig (also known as a forgefiend). How do scanderig play into the story? Read and find out once Forge of Ashes is released this May! It is currently available for pre-order, and you can watch the video below for more insight into the world of Golarion and its dwarven culture.

Years ago, the dwarven warrior Akina left her home in the Five Kings Mountains to fight in the Goblinblood Wars. Now at long last she’s returning home, accompanied by Ondorum, her silent companion of living stone. What she finds there is far from what she remembers: a disgraced brother, an obsessive suitor, and a missing mother presumed dead. Yet the damage runs deeper than anyone knows, and when Akina’s brother is kidnapped by ancient enemies from the legendary Darklands, she and Ondorum must venture below the surface—and into danger as old as the stones themselves.

From debut novelist Josh Vogt comes a tale of love, redemption, and subterranean battle, set in the award-winning world of thePathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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