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Editorial work and other happenings of life

As you’ve likely noticed, this blog occasionally goes dormant for a week or two at a time. Fortunately, there’s good reason behind that, such as life suddenly deciding the hamster wheel isn’t spinning fast enough, or a boatload of freelance work topping the to-do lists. I remain generally active on Twitter in the meantime, in case anyone wants to connect there: @JRVogt.

Anyhoo, here’s what’s been happening on this end. On the fiction end of things, continuing the patience game with an urban fantasy manuscript out to various editors. Always hoping to have a sudden “good news” announcement for that. You’ll know when anything happens there.

Freelance work has built up a bit, both with the copywriting and copyediting. I’ve joined on with Shimmer magazine as a volunteer associate editor, working with story submissions. That’s been a lot of fun! The other big thing is having joined up as an editor with Entangled Publishing. They’ve been kicking a lot of great books out the door in their first year, and I’ve been having a great time working with several authors in prepping various urban fantasy and paranormal romance series for publication.

Beyond that, this last weekend was taken up with the Colorado Relay Race. Originally, I intended to just be a driver for my wife’s team, but a last-minute change had me running two short legs, including up one Vail Pass. We did 200 miles in 33 hours, and came in 90th out of 130 teams. For a first year effort, it was great. Exhausting, but fun.

So, now it’s back to the day job, getting the next manuscript in shape, and working on new stories of my own. What’s happening in your world, m’friends?

(Oh! Also, while I’m not officially attending the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer’s Conference like I’d hoped, if anyone is going and wants to meet up for drinks over the weekend, let me know! I’ll also be at this year’s MileHiCon for sure. See you there!)

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  1. Chris James
    Chris James August 29, 2011

    I'm very impressed about the run Josh; it must be satisfying just to complete such a distance. Bit like writing a novel, eh?

    Fingers and toes crossed buddy 🙂

  2. Josh
    Josh August 29, 2011

    Very true. Lots to be compared between running (or other endurance sports) and writing. Except I feel better about eating lots of candy bars during a long run versus sitting at my desk, typing. 😉

  3. Chris James
    Chris James August 29, 2011

    Ha! Totally agree – we don't burn enough calories when writing 🙂

    Only cutting here – cut, cut, cut. Eating lots of candy to offset the pain of cutting 🙁

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