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Forge of Ashes – A First Review!

PZO8500-ForgeOfAshes-AkinaI’m excited to discover a review has gone up for Forge of Ashes from The Grassy Gnoll, a site that focuses on roleplaying games and reviews all sorts of things related to RPGs and the surrounding community. They were kind enough to turn an eye on my Pathfinder Tales novel, and I’m thrilled at their response. Here’s an excerpt:

5 out of 5 Stars

My expectations of how certain characters and creatures would behave and react was consistently subverted, making me stop and think about how those expectations were set. In turn it makes me wonder more about other aspects of the setting and how I might be wrong about them. Taking a wider view on it, it’s actually an interesting thing to think about for real life as well, looking at what my assumptions and expectations about the world is and how they may be incorrect. Frankly, any novel that is, at its core, pulp fantasy that can make me think this hard about things has earned that 5 out of 5 stars.

Click here for the full review (NOTE: Minor spoilers halfway through)!

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