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How many books are you reading at once?

I have “book stations” around the house any given day, any given week. These can come in a variety of formats. I might have the latest Ramez Naam in the bedroom (please don’t take that out of context) while a new Pathfinder Tales novel is on the office table, with a fat epic fantasy on the dining table and a Lightspeed magazine anthology in the bathroom. That’s not to mention a couple books being alternated on the tablet I carry to the coffee shop. Depending on where I am throughout the day and how long I’m there, it’s then easy for me to reach over during free time and pick up where I left off.

Detail-from-Reading-Two-B-001Anyone else have this sort of arrangement? Do you have different locales where you leave certain books, progressing through them when you’re in the area? Or do you just focus on one at a time? Do you have difficulty remembering which plot and characters go with which book, or do they remain pretty distinct in your mind?

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  1. Jessica
    Jessica April 30, 2014

    I totally do this. I’ve usually got anywhere from 3 to 5 going at once.

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