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MileHiCon…or bust

Well, minutes before setting into the drive for MileHiCon, my car’s radiator decided to weep big green tears in the final bouts of its death. Knew it was coming, but the timing could’ve been better. Not wanting to shell out $600 for the mechanic, I instead tracked down a replacement and spent half the day with my dad figuring out how to install the thing. Looks like the fix is set, but it cost me most of the first day of the con. I’ll make it sooner or later, and fortunately I didn’t have any panels today! I’ve got 5 spread throughout the rest of the weekend, so if you’re at MHC, here’s where I’ll be:



1pm : Scams Aimed at Writers

2pm: Con Manner or “Don’t be a Dick”

7pm: Worst Tropes Ever We Want Banned from Books/TV

8pm: Bad No More – The Evolution of Monsters



4pm: Podcasts You Should Know About


Hope the folks in Denver have been having a good time so far! Cya soon.

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