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My RadCon 2016 Schedule


I’ll be attending RadCon next weekend along with a handful of other WordFire Press authors (plus plenty of other awesome industry pros, like Guest of Honor Jennifer Brozek). If you’re attending, here’s the rundown of where you’ll be able to find me:

Fri Feb 12 1:45:pm Fri Feb 12 2:45:pm Tension.
2207 No matter your policy on ‘drama’, sometimes little tiffs left unaddressed can become big breaks. Come discuss solving personal problems in your gaming group.
Chris Bruscas Josh Vogt Tim Martin


Sat Feb 13 10:00:am Sat Feb 13 11:00:am What is Ingress?
2207 After 2 years this game is growing around the world. So come learn what the game is and how to play. All you need to play is a smartphone and the eagerness to get off you butt.
Brozek, Jennifer Cameron, Martin Rhys-Jones, Gibbitt Vogt, Josh


Sat Feb 13 4:15:pm Sat Feb 13 5:15:pm The Best Writing Advice I Was Ever Given
2203 The title says it all! Come listen to the panel and audience members as well share some of the best writing advice they were ever given. (And some of the worst as well…).
Bobbie Benton Hull Josh Vogt Laurel Anne Hill Mark Ferrari S. B. Sebrick


Sat Feb 13 6:45:pm Sat Feb 13 7:45:pm Authors of WordFire Press
Reading (2211) David Boop, Manny Frishburg, Eytan Kollin, Jeff Sturgeon, Josh Vogt. What’s so different about WordFire Press that these six author/artist have thrown in with them? Come discuss a new revolution in Publishing?
David Boop Eytan Kollin Jeff Sturgeon Josh Vogt Sam Knight


Sun Feb 14 11:15:am Sun Feb 14 12:15:pm Keep Up The Pace
2207 Come learn tricks and techniques for keeping your story moving fast… But not too fast!
Amanda Baldwin Chris Bruscas John Lovett Josh Vogt


Sun Feb 14 12:30:pm Sun Feb 14 1:00:pm Josh Vogt
Reading (2211) Josh Vogt reads from a selected work.
Josh Vogt


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