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Thank God for Family

Without family and loved ones, what good would holidays be? Even as I am in New York now and missing my family, it is a wonderful blessing to be missed by them, and so I am incredibly grateful for those times I get to come home and see my parents and my sisters. A great time to laugh and catch up on everything that’s been going on. It’s funny how you can keep in touch through email and phone calls and all that, but it’s never quite enough is it? I don’t think anyone will ever make an acceptable electronic substitue for hugs, kisses, and holiday meals. (Though consider that your story idea for the day. What if someone could create an entirely real virtual holiday experience…what would the social consequences of that be and how might it affect your character(s)?)

And it has been wonderful to see my girlfriend out here in Colorado, too. Long-distance relationships are rough, lemme tell ya. But it makes getting off the plane to see her all the more worth the guy snoring next to me the whole flight. My next excuse to get out this way will come at Christmas…I’m already looking forward to it. The daily job and weekly routine seems to go by slowly, and then these days that you want to last forever whiz by in a blink. A wonderful, heartwarming blink, yes. So, maybe the solution isn’t keeping in touch more often, but getting the funding to develop a time dilation device so we can make these holiday weekends last for weeks and months. Though…that would be a lot of cooking.

I see that smile.

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