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The Elements of Style- Free! Online!

A post-holiday note, as I am recovering from obscene amounts of tryptophan and so lack the energy to do more than punch out this post with my nose as I keel over to drool on the keyboard. Here is an essential writing tool and primer for all who claim the writing craft. Confused about commas? Serious about semicolons? Tired of the tacky little rhymes I’m coming up with? Okay, I’ll stop and simply link to:

The Elements of Style, now online and free to access. Use it to double-check the apostrophe placement for possessives, or to figure out prepositional phrases. And check out the section that covers a mighty tool of our realm–learning to write in the active voice.

This will also soon be a link to be found under the Writer Resources page, so watch for the update on the home page. I hope everyone is enjoying the time off from work.

I see that smile.

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