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Why do books fail?

Here’s an interesting article by one Eva Shaw, P.h.D.

“Why Do Books Fail?”

After reading through it (which, I’m sure you’ve done), I believe the last point of them all is the most important one. In the number of conferences, pitches and workshops I’ve attended, if there is any one piece of advice I’ve heard given most, it is to persevere. You can have the most incredibly polished and well-written story ever, and if you give up after the first rejection, then it will never see the light of day. I met a pair of authors who between them had written over seventeen novel manuscripts before they finally got one accepted. And it is always encouraging to look at the statistics and see all the “classics” and bestsellers that were rejected time and again, but only came into existence because their authors didn’t give up. In the meantime, while you are persevering until that fateful day, don’t forget to use the time wisely. Revise what you have. Start a new project. Research the market. Go to conferences and polish your skill or learn new ones. Anything but thumb-twiddling.

I see that smile.

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