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Category: publishing

MileHiCon…or bust

Well, minutes before setting into the drive for MileHiCon, my car’s radiator decided to weep big green tears in the final bouts of its death. Knew it was coming, but the timing could’ve been better. Not wanting to shell out $600 for the mechanic, I instead tracked down a replacement…

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Guest Post: J M McDermott on megacorps, Cinderella, and his latest Kickstarter endeavor

In the future, one corporation will rise up and consume the others into a hulking monstrosity. It will likely begin inside the border of either Russia or China or the United States, where the oligarchs that quietly rule our kingdoms will merge political authority with corporate economics until there is…

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I’ve written two novellas for the Kindle Worlds Abnorm Chronicles series!

In what I hope will prove to be a fun ongoing experiment, I now have two novellas published through the Kindle Worlds platform on Amazon. These stories are licensed tie-ins with Marcus Sakey‘s Brilliance Saga, in which human savants known as “brilliants” begin transforming the world in both marvelous and…

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5 big advantages of diversifying yourself as a writer

Diversity is a marvelous thing for writers. Uh…quick clarification. In this context, diversity doesn’t mean trying to include a well-rounded cast of characters in your novel rather than defaulting to the singular white, straight male protagonist. It also doesn’t mean highlighting authors from varying races, genders, creeds, orientations, and cultures.…

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